March 10 - 21st, 2022

After a 6-week planning marathon for ETHDenver, Blu3 DAO was asked to plan a scholarship program for ETHRio with less than 10 days away! Initially, we thought it’d be an impossible task. However, Blu3 DAO core members were quick to jump in and take the lead. In 5 days, we were able to promote the scholarship, review the applications and select 40 incredible scholars!

Blu3 DAO brought 40 scholars to Rio, Brazil for an intense but life-changing event! There were 10 core team RIO members and 30 scholars. Blu3 DAO prioritized women and non-binary scholars in our selection process, with a focused of local scholars from LATAM. The selection process was incredibly competitive (25% acceptance rate) and highly rigorous, but this resulted in high quality talent and contributions from Blu3 scholars.

A BIG THANK YOU to our generous sponsor and partner - Harmony & the Harmony RIO team!💙

"Seems like I lived ten years of friendship in ten days" - Marcelo, Brazil, Blu3 DAO scholar and PhD (Researcher on Institutions)

💕Milestones Achieved